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Wriggling Nappy Changes

A relative once remarked how placid our baby was during nappy changes, compared to his wrestling adversary. His baby was a bit older and he wanted to be getting on with stuff rather than stuck on a table being serviced.

A few months later, we've had a stage of squirming nappy changes, and now she's a year old, we seem to be through it, for the moment at least.

A distraction for the changing table works wonders. A small bottle of bubbles for when out and about was a great suggestion from an experienced mum, but we never quite got round to buying some. Whatever toy / leaf / bottle came to hand was our solution.

But I don't think distraction alone helped us past that age, I think it was more that baby has been trained a little.

Since she started getting wriggly, I held her in place quite forcibly, and then when I was finished I said (always the same words) "Off you go."

In our case, the changing mat is on the floor in the bathroom, because I'm an absent minded klutz and could foresee her falling off a table. This is relevant, because she doesn't have to wait for me to put her down afterwards.

Now there's a clear marker, and she's certain she won't be waisting any more time than necessary imprisoned, she waits to be told I've finished, and absent any compelling gewgaw in eye shot.

It took a few months, and until she's out of nappies there's no guarantee she won't regress, but I think it helped.

Posted on 2015-01-05 11:09:32

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Wriggling Nappy Changes
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