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The secret to school success

As I've posted before, school began with a complete lack of progress, a threat to repeat a year, a new school, and then an assessment by a speech and language therapist, some remedial one one. Things were not as they ought to be.

Now (from what he says), he's doing great at everything. Wahey!

There was no magic bullet, and no short cut, only a lot of hard work. I do believe though that we focused our energy efficiently on the three R's.

The reading was enjoyable and needed only a little cajoling.

The writing was mostly in the form of lines: "I must not complain about my homework / dinner / tyrannical father" sort of thing. Ten lines legible, or five lines super neat. Old fashioned, yes, but old fashioned folk had.
nicer handwriting.

The maths was mostly in the form of multiplication work sheets- if you don't know your times tables there's a lot of adding up involved.

Posted on 2014-01-31 17:34:26

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The secret to school success
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