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The perfect punishment

I've tried a few different approaches to disciplining the kids, and finally, I think I've hit on an effective one.

The naughty step is time consuming, noisy, and difficult to achieve when out and about; showing my displeasure verbally leads to tears and heated tempers all round; smacking, even if done lighter than when we're play fighting, inspires massive guilt feelings.

The problem with most punishments is that parents don't want to do it, so we let things slide, and give them warnings about lines they've already crossed, and they know exactly how far they can push us before there are any consequences.

So here's my solution:

Taking away screen days.

For every transgression, however minor, an entire day of computer / movie time is lost.

What's great about it is that I want them to watch less TV anyway, so I remove the days happily, and faster than they can argue with me - they might loose a week of screen time for the offense, and then an extra day for every second they're arguing about it. No warnings, no second chances.

Unless they're incredibly well behaved, they'll have an idyllic childhood of make believe adventures, traditional toys, and long conversations with each other, and their parents.

Posted on 2014-01-15 11:13:18

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The perfect punishment
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