Happy Fatherhood

The birth (take 3)

Our first baby was born in water. He was so peaceful, I was very worried if he was OK. Added to which, I had a small dose of first parent fears ("Are those legs the right shape? They look a bit bent.")

Baby number 2 was born in a private Middle East hospital. It was an awful experience "Come on, you been pushing 20 minutes already. If this baby's not out in 10, we do it my way!", but the birth itself was wonderful - she was born crying and so I felt confident she had enough fight in her.

No 3 was another water birth. It was a peaceful enough occasion for me to be concerned, but once again, nobody else was bothered.

Our time has improved too. At about 0300, we left home to get to the birthing centre, half an hour's drive away. By 0900, we were back home. We would have been home sooner, but we stopped on the way  to buy some breakfast for granny and the other two kids. Such is the lot of the third baby.

Posted on 2014-12-12 21:07:17

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The birth (take 3)
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