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The Great Escape

My grandfather was involved in the Great Escape. Fortunately for his gene line, he was one of the last out, which meant he was one of the first captured, which in turn meant he was slung back in the POW camp rather than being shot.

My son seems to inherited this gene: today he did what many kids of fantasized about through the ages, and escaped from school. Kudos to him, and a well deserved lesson given to the school.

The deputy head drew me a diagram with crosses for the screws and a little arrow showing the escape route. It went like this:

The school is about 200 metres from the swimming pool. The swimming teacher set the kids a race to see who could get changed and back to the school first. What she meant is boys vs girls; whoever gets changed first is at the front of the queue to get back to the school.

Finn took them at their word though and resolved to be first back. He evaded prison guard #1, by asking to go to the toilet; found a 'secret passageway' (his words) that lead outside the changing room, sneaked behind screws #2 and #3 and before the other kids had even managed to get changed (well they did stop to put socks on, which Finn didn't), was back with his class teacher, as proud as can be.

He then got into a heap of trouble, rather unfairly. In denying responsibility for the slip up, the school implied the problem is my son's unwillingness to listen to instructions. To my mind that just can't be true; explicitly telling five year olds they can't go down the secret passageway is bound to be counterproductive. Telling five year olds they need to wait for the teacher is superceded by telling them it's a race back to school.

In placing the fault entirely at my son's feet, they overplayed the 'we told them not to' card by saying they tell them every five minutes during the swimming lesson. If they really do that, then it must be because they've lost a few that way in the past. Or perhaps they don't go on about it so much and they're passing the buck to a five year old because the school's number one priority is not getting sued.

Posted on 2011-05-10 17:39:34

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The Great Escape
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>The Great Escape 2011-05-10 17:39:34

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