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Telling older siblings about a pregnancy

We told our children about our other two pregnancies quite early on. Some people prefer not to, in case things don't go as hoped, but if we were on that path, we'd prefer they knew why we were upset.

Telling the other kids, straight away sets out whether or not we're going to test for Down's Syndrome. How would it be possible to truthfully express to the other kids the reasons for a termination without leaving them feeling that their lives were in danger if they proved to be imperfect in any way.

In any case, in the scheme of things, Downs isn't that bad - they test for it because they can. Hospitals go to great lengths to save premature babies who can have life long issues much worse than they would have with Downs, and nobody questions whether that's a good idea.

In any case, for a young child, the time between the test and birth is a lifetime, and we were asked now and then if we were still going to have a baby, or whether we'd changed our mids.

Posted on 2015-01-26 14:51:04

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Telling older siblings about a pregnancy
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>Telling older siblings about a pregnancy 2015-01-26 14:51:04

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