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Siblings and the new baby

Before baby number three was born, our biggest concern was that No 2 (4 years old)  would feel put out. She'd been the baby so long, that she even referred to herself as baby.

What actually happened was that No 2 has carried on as if nothing has happened (though she's pleased with her new 'doll'). No attention seeking, no playing up, no jealousy.

No 1 (8 years old) was more problematic - feeling misplaced, superfluous, and a little misunderstood.  This surprised us as he was absolutely fine with the birth of number 2. What was new to him was feelings of jealousy for the tiny one's affection - he'll happily cuddle the baby for hours, but sometimes, his little sister has to have a go.

At the time of writing (No 1 is now 1 year old), he has settled down, but this may just be how the pieces settled, rather than any change in him - No 2 tired of baby before he did and he mostly gets her to himself.

Meanwhile, No 1 and No 2 have started bickering. This may be more to do with No 2 starting school and being in approximately the same stage of life as big brother, rather than his underling.

Posted on 2014-12-12 21:15:59

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Siblings and the new baby
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