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School Governors

Finn's school gets its direction from a bunch of middle ageed middle managers, who are referred to as the governors. Their job is to set teh direction for the school. Supposedly they do this for the betterment of the school, but in reality they do it to boost their CVs to get them promoted beyond where the 'Peters Principle' had their career stall. In an ideal world the interests of the school and the governors would be aligned, but that needn't be the case in reality.

The governors at Finn's school have decided that academic results would look best on their CVs. The honest way to achieve this would be to make the school generally better. The easier way to boost results would be to make the school academically selective.

Being academically selective would be fine if that's where it stops, but Finn's school have taken this a stage further and have a policy of weeding out the kids who are behind at the end of every key stage. This means 6 year old kids are being expelled, and removed from their friends.

You'd think that if they're going to cheat like this, by the time they get to proper exams, everybody would be getting an A*. This is far from the case. I recently heard of an entire chemistry class (of specially selected bright kids) getting an E in .

Shame on the school and shame on the governors.

Posted on 2011-06-18 09:59:30

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School Governors
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>School Governors 2011-06-18 09:59:30