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Repeating a School Year

Because our wee man is below average in his ability to write both words and numbers, the school have suggested he repeat year one.

In some countries, this is entirely normal. However, in the British system, it is not normal, and is a last resort for extreme special needs, which he does not have. What the school failed to mention was that when he returns to a Brtisih state school, they'll put him back in his age group year, so he'll miss an entire year later on.

The school are suggesting it because their (frankly idiotic) policy is that kids don't get to carry on in the school automatically. They remain academically selective, which on their crazy planet means that at the end of year one, the kids who are not performing are removed to give other kids a chance at being mauled by their insane institution. So he has a one-off chance at repeating their Year 1 offering which failed him so finely the first time round.

He is, the school say, a bright lad with no behavioural problems, and is able to hold an intelligent conversation. His reading ability is fine. His mental maths is fine.

The main problem is that he day-dreams in class. THis is, ti seems to me a sign of a boy who is not adequately stimulated by the material they're teaching, and a problem which will be exacerbated by keeping him back.

So we said 'no'.

The next stage was keeping him at home to boost his skills, and that's the subject of another post.

Posted on 2011-06-18 10:20:35

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Repeating a School Year
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>Repeating a School Year 2011-06-18 10:20:35

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