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Relaxing about Hygiene

Another fatherhood blog is carrying a story about the efficacy of a certain brand of antibacterial wipes, and the sorts of places where bacteria are waiting to pounce on unsuspecting toddlers. Money clearly changed hands there.

For our part, we don't use antibacterial wipes. We use only water for cleaning kitchen counters, floors, the high chair and even the tiny bottom (mostly). So far, we've avoided any sort of plague, pox and palsy that marketing teams would have us believe we'd die from.

I'm no expert, but like anyone else with an opinion, there are sources backing me up that a healthy amount of bacterial exposure is a good thing - Google 'Hygiene Hypothesis' for more.

I'm not advocating dropping a festering chicken carcass and a dog turd in the toy box, but a little bit of diverse bacteria is said to fortify the immune system. Muddy hands in the mouth, and petting (non rabid) dogs are all positives.

I used to feel compelled to hide this point of view from worried family, but my wife's cousin married a doctor who feels the same way, and now I can cite an expert in the family, it's all OK.

Our statistically irrelevant sample of 3 kids are in rude health, but the benefits don't end there - cleaning chemicals are damaging to the ecosystem both during manufacture and when they eventually find their way down the drains.

Posted on 2015-01-07 09:54:00

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Relaxing about Hygiene
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>Relaxing about Hygiene 2015-01-07 09:54:00

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