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I've posted elsewhere about how taking away electronic entertainment has been an effective punishment.

Because it's been so effective, I've perhaps been a bit heavy handed with it, and before you know it, I'm taking days away from 2017, which of course is entirely meaningless.

So, we've made it possible (though optional) for them to earn them back.

For the 4 year old, it's a matter of tracing letters, which some days she asks to do anyway, so that's not really much of a punishment for her. As luck would have it, the 4 year old is very motivated by disapproval anyway, so we don't really have problems with her.

For the 8 year old, it's been times table worksheets, at the exchange rate of 20 sums per lost screen day. As I said, I often take away a week of screen days for a single offense, so that's a lot of maths practice.

Apart from modifying his behaviour, the other side effect of this is that he's gone from remedial maths, to 2nd set in the space of a term.

I do feel mean, but I'm getting results.

Posted on 2014-01-31 10:54:46

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