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Presents for a small girl

Boys toys are better than girls toys. It's a fact.

Aren't boys and girls the same under a layer of societal expectation? No they're not.

Kiran has been pretty stereotypical, despite being bought up by a dad who still plays with lego and nerf guns. She did play with cars when she was a toddler. She got some of Finn's out the box, and sorted them into a family - daddy car, mummy car, and two small baby cars. Baby cars would be found swaddled in cosy corners throughout the house.

Dolls have been popular with Kiran. Baby dolls appealed until we got a real baby in the house again, but I don't know whether that finished the era, or whether it was because she started getting exposed to slightly older girls tastes.

School age girls seem to like dolls based on grown women. These dolls are either grotesquely skinny and blonde Barbies or grotesque 'Monster High' figures. I suppose they serve a purpose, playing out scenarios that they might encounter when they're older, so they can be ready with a bitchy quip when Ken pulls up in a pink jeep.

Disney princesses offer an allure that makes little sense, but even if you don't immerse them in the movies, girls like to shimmer and glitter.

Dressing up outfits have been the single biggest hit.

Failing that, just general pretty clothes always seem well received.

Posted on 2014-12-16 12:26:07

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Presents for a small girl
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