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Parent's Evening

The teacher who raised the initial concerns that sparked Finn's friendship with the Speech and Language Therapist has now left the school, so parent's evening was with a different teacher.

Beforehand, I filled in a form about the areas where we have concerns. I wrote about his extreme reluctance to do any writing.

So my wife took an afternoon off, and with trepidation we went to see Mrs D.

We sat down on the shrunken chairs and braced ourselves for what she had to say.

She gave the normal preamble about what a nice and helpful boy he is.


And he's doing fine. She sees nothing of his reluctance to do any writing - the boys in her class are very competitive about how much they write, and Finn's certainly not doing badly. Him and another boy will be forming a breakaway reading group, because they seem to be much better at it than their peers. His Maths is fine - he is very numerate.

So everything's fine?


At this stage, my eyes welled, and I looked away from my wife so we didn't start blubbing in the classroom.

It's been a long road to somewhere near normal.

Posted on 2012-08-15 09:49:13

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Parent's Evening
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