Happy Fatherhood

Here comes another one!

I've been enjoying fatherhood lately.

I'm not saying we've become an idealised, TV commercial inhabiting family. There've still been ups and downs, but there have been enough incredibly happy times that the thought of not having a toddler around singing tunelessly but cheerfully and laughing about nonsense, fills me with dread.

So we're going to have another one.


This will complicate things. The Maths of it is bewildering: we will be outnumbered; our hands will be outnumbered; my career will be on the back burner for five more years; most scarily, instead of having one inter-child relationship to manage, we'll have three.


Posted on 2013-06-06 15:31:47

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Here comes another one!
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>Here comes another one! 2013-06-06 15:31:47

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