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The children got themselves ready for school early this morning. Breakfast was gulped down and teeth were brushed too quickly and then once again for an acceptable length of time.

The reason was this winter's first palpable covering of snow on the ground. While baby finished her breakfast, they ran into the garden, threw snowballs and patted a 6 inch snowman into life.

What they couldn't wait for was school - surely the playground would be a festival of snowball pelting and snowman making and they just couldn't wait.

On the journey there, Finn copped a snowball in the back and turned around and threw one at his assailant. The entire journey to school was a laughing, rolling snowball fight, a build up to the big one in the playground.

Imagine then, their shock. School had decreed that on health and safety grounds there'd be no playing in the playground today.

With another parent, we went ahead anyway. How could we break their little hearts? There was a hand full of other kids who'd missed the message; they were all playing delightfully - P7s and P1s making a snowman together and grinning from ear to ear.

A teacher passing mumbled that the other kids have gone straight in, but Finn, ever the lawyer, interpreted her words as he saw fit - a statement that the other kids have gone straight in is not an instruction to do the same

Eventually the head came out and put a break on the hijinks, but by that point it would have been time to go in anyway.

It is an absurd take on health and safety. The risk of slipping over or getting a chunk of ice in the eye is diminutive. The bigger danger is that kids brought up without risk don't learn to assess it for themselves.

Posted on 2015-02-04 16:15:39

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